Dr. Vijay Saini (Chairman)

Chairman’s Message

I take the pleasure to introduce you to Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital, dedicated towards social welfare and to the contribution of enlightened individuals to fulfill the surging social necessity of qualitative manpower in technological and Healthcare sector.
Apart from serving the society in the way of providing quality education, Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital is also actively involved with the service of the society in the field of medicine and healthcare through Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital at Haridwar of 60 beds. In the Hospital all patients are provided with free treatment and medicines. These efforts are just a gesture to help the needy in the society and Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital endeavor to do its best for the improvement of the nation and the society to create opportunities changing lives.
In a nutshell, Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital aims at not only educating the young but also providing the society virtuous and responsive medical Practitioners.
I convey my best wishes to all the students, their parents and congratulate them with regard to their excellent decision for good education and successful future.

Dr. Brijesh Saini (Secretary)

Secretary’s Message

Located in the DevBhoomi (Uttarakhand), the Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital is committed to providing its students an unparalleled educational experience in Ayurveda through excellent teaching and clinical experience/ training in the wards/ Hospital. Thus putting each student on the path of success.
The Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital has a 60 bedded hospital which provides quality healthcare with the support of excellent healthcare infrastructure and highly qualified professionals/doctors, to restore health to all sections of society with a healing touch.
Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital is the temple of learning, which not only preserves our time tested myths, healthy traditions and great moral values of the past, but also opens our eyes to a vast ocean of scientific and technical progress which is being brought to light with each passing day in our campus. The atmosphere in our campus is secure, cordial and perfectly suited to all-round development of the intellectual skills of students. I heartily welcome students to our college and assure to build them as a valuable medical asset of our nation.

Dr. YogendraPratap Singh (Director)

Director Message

Welcome to Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital. Aroma Arurvedic Medical College & Hospital started Operations in 2018 and has never looked back since then. We are a healthcare institution dedicated to provide quality and comprehensive healthcare to the people around us and the community we serve. Our goal is to have continual quality improvement so that we keep up with the most recent trends in the field of healthcare. It is this dedication that has kept us in people’s hearts and we will continue to strive for the same.
We aim to set a benchmark for personalized care provided at our hospital as described by our motto, we care for your care! We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced equipment’s for better diagnostics and improved results. We believe in a patient centric approach in our treatment with complete transparency about the patient’s condition being communicated to them. More than 100 patients walk in through our doors every day and our goal is to ensure that they all return with a smile on their face after the treatment. Patients from all walks of life visit our experts and our goal is to treat everyone alike with the best quality of care personalized for their needs. We have a robust staff that is always ready to help and our doctors are always willing to be available at your hour of need.
“Rule, Respect & Discipline” is our Institutional Motto.
Thank You.